Discover Your Perfect Sink

Discover Your Perfect Sink

In our Marlborough, MA showroom, we offer more than just tiles, offering a diverse range of high-quality sinks, tailored to enhance the beauty and efficiency of your kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor and bar kitchens. Explore our collection and find the perfect sink to complement your tile selections, enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of your home or commercial space.

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Bar Sinks:
Compact and stylish, perfect for your home bar or as an additional water source in your kitchen,
adding convenience and sophistication.

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Bar Sinks Model 160

Model №: 160

Bar Sinks Model 1616

Model №: 1616

Bar Sinks Model 1513

Model №: 1513

Single Bowl Sinks:
Versatile and spacious, ideal for all your kitchen tasks, providing ample room for washing, soaking, and more.

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Single Bowl Sinks Model 2318

Model №: 2318

Single Bowl Sinks Model 2421

Model №: 2421

Single Bowl Sinks Model 2718

Model №: 2718

Double Bowl Sinks:
Offers flexibility with two compartments, making it easier to multitask without compromising on style or space.

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Double Bowl Sinks Model 3218

Model №: 3218

Double Bowl Sinks Model 3221L

Model №: 3221L

Double Bowl Sinks Model 3121L

Model №: 3121L

Handmade Sinks:
Each sink is uniquely crafted by skilled artisans, adding a touch of uniqueness and character to your kitchen or bathroom.

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Handmade Sinks Model AP3320C

Model №: AP3320C

Handmade Sinks Model AP3320D

Model №: AP3320D

Handmade Sinks Model F3018S

Model №: F3018S

Granite Sinks:
Durable and stunning, these sinks combine natural beauty with exceptional resilience, resisting scratches and heat.

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Granite Sinks Model 813S

Model №: 813S

Granite Sinks Model 813D

Model №: 813D

Granite Sinks Model 813BL

Model №: 813BL

Porcelain Farm Sinks:
Classic and timeless, bringing a farmhouse charm to your kitchen with modern durability and ease of cleaning.

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Porcelain Farm Sinks Model P3018

Model №: P3018

Porcelain Farm Sinks Model P3021

Model №: P3021

Vanity Sinks:
Elevate your bathroom with our range of vanity sinks,
designed to fit seamlessly into your personal space, blending functionality with elegance.

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Vanity Sinks Model 1714

Model №: 1714

Vanity Sinks Model 1310

Model №: 1310

Vanity Sinks Model 1813

Model №: 1813

Art Sinks:
Transform your space with sinks that are works of art,
featuring unique designs and materials that make a statement.

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Art Sinks Model A524A/A524B

Model №: A524A/A524B

Art Sinks Model YG166

Model №: YG166

Glass Vessels:
Add a modern touch to your bathroom with our glass vessel sinks,
available in various shapes and colors to suit your style.

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Glass Vessels Model N131

Model №: N131

Glass Vessels Model S263

Model №: S263

Glass Vessels Model Y229

Model №: Y229